Monday, September 24, 2012

New Zealand, Part XI

Leaving Queenstown on our last morning, packing and repacking and taking one last look out our window, then another and knowing we had a 32 hour journey in front of us...well, it was hard.  We loved New Zealand.  We also knew we were leaving a soft, warm southern hemisphere spring for a New England winter.

Here is our drive back through the South Island's fjordland and the next morning onto Christchurch/Auckland/Los Angeles/Chicago/Manchester/the long drive to Maine.

Back through the world's creepiest tunnel.  I actually just noticed that the bottom little sign actually says 'signals off 6pm to 9am.  So...what happens then?  It's a giant game of chicken in the dark?  

Lake Gunn

Not sure what made the water so green...but it was beautiful.  

I was so excited to see this...I knew we were close.  It's kind of a bucket-list thing - I've now been to 45 south and 45 north.  Maybe the equator is next.

Oh, those crafty Kiwis.

One of my favorite pictures.

These shrubberies were in bloom all over the South Island.  We never found out what they were.

Sunrise on our last morning.

For two huge geeks, we didn't do much Lord of the Rings stuff while we were in NZ (we did go to Hobbiton, though!).  This river outside Queenstown was featured in Fellowship.

The end on the road for us and our little Focus.

The End...until next time.  

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all photos, ours

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