Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Harvest Gold

My mom and dad built our family house in the mid-seventies, and for the time, it was the height of style.  And by style, I mean kickin' shag carpet everywhere, paneling as far as the eye can see and...wait for it...harvest gold appliances.  They've changed out most of the carpet, paneling remains only in the basement, and the stove and refrigerator have been upgraded.

The rest of the kitchen, however...total time warp. 

So we are redoing it.  Michael, Mom, Dad and I are going to attack this slammin' seventies beast next weekend, and attempt to have it done by the end of the month. On the cheap.  The super-cheap.  We've already got a great deal on flooring ($1.39/sf), and hope to avoid any major electrical or plumbing. 

So here's where we're going:
{1} P. Kaufmann Breeze Tapestry for drapery, $28 per yard {2} Granite countertops from Bangor Wholesale Laminates {3} Subway tile (already own from Lowes) {4} Bridge faucet $123 {5} Acrylic sink $158 {6} Pendant lighting $48 each {7} I love a good ticking stripe - Covington {8} Floors we own similar to these from Houzz {9} Dash and Albert rug $84

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