Friday, June 1, 2012

New Zealand, Part VII

After the long drive to the west coast of the South Island, we geared ourselves up for what we thought might be a highlight of the trip - our excursion up to Franz Josef Glacier.  My aunt and uncle had bought us the tour package as a wedding gift through Traveler's Joy, and we were both insanely excited about it. 
Franz Josef (the town) was just what I'd expected - cool and laid back in an alpine resort-ish down under-cool kind of way.  We also found that we had finally made it far enough south to find Speight's!

 Happy Hour after a long drive.

We hiked through sweltering rainforest to reach the glacier.  True story.

 Finally out of the canopy and into the Waiho River floodplain.

 Richard, our guide

 Crevasse and blue ice

all photos, ours

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