Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Bath - Demo

After my realtor first showed me what would eventually become my house, I went to the car and called my mother while dousing myself in hand sanitizer.
"Yeah, so you know that house down by the island? Horror show! No, really, Mom, there was tacky linoleum, the entire place smelled like a litter box, which makes sense, because there were like 50 cats living there, the deck is rotting off, the backyard is a swamp, and the main bathroom is baby fucking blue. There is no way I am crafty enough to pull this shit off." 
So, after a few cocktails, I realized that there was nothing else habitable in my price range I was up for the challenge and bought the thing, blue tile and all.  Ironically, I found a nice Nautica shower curtain in stripes of tan and the exact blue of the bathroom, so I decided to live with it for a year or so.  And it was...okay.  Livable.  But
It needed to go.

 Taken the day I closed on the house - sorry for the dismal lighting.  The floor was kind of a cool vintage pressed tin-ish tile, but I could never get the grout clean. Note the tiled countertop, and the weird shelf/seat behind the tub.  I mean, it's as if they just looked at some random piece of furniture and were like...yeah, let's throw some blue tile on that sucker and stick it in the bathroom.

 That towel rack?  Tiled into the back wall of the shower.  Yes.  The only towel rack in the room was actually inside the shower. 

 Blue, blue everywhere.  The showerhead is a nice Delta that I found on clearance at Home Depot.  I installed it myself (so proud!) but failed to spray the rest of the fixture oil-rubbed bronze to match. 

 The floor wasn't usually that dirty - this was after we started construction, but this is a better look at the cool-but-crumbling tile and the heinous grout. 

 The shower surround, post demo, all prepped for tile.  The purple are patches Michael put up.  The white is actual cement-board.  The rest of it?  Yeah, they tiled right over drywall. 

 For some reason, I giggled every time I walked by and saw the toilet in the tub. 

It looks better already.

all photos, ours

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