Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hello, Hue! - Bari, Italy

I thought it would be fun to try something new here...I've noticed that when we are out and about, I tend to take pictures of buildings or scenes or color schemes I like.   I suppose I think I'm going to come back home to Maine and do something fabulous with the photo that will forever remind us of the destination.  (I usually take these photos on holiday, so the vibe is pretty fun or relaxed or cocktail-infused...definitely something I want to recreate in every-day life.)

However.  What I end up doing is framing the photo in a cheapy Ribba and adding it to the stack of to-be-hung-up wall art in our office.

But...what if I did something else?  Something that didn't add to the clutter in our already too-small house? Something that might help me figure out what kinds of colors I like and break out of the beigey-yellow box I seem to be stuck in?

Here's one of my favorites from our day in Bari and some colors I pulled out of it...

I know, I know...there's beige in there.  But the other colors are so fun!  Here are some close paint matches.

And what if you accessorized with some budget-friendly Bari-like decor?

You are practically in Southern Italy.  ;)

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