Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hello Hue! { Ephesus }

There were so many great vistas in Turkey, but the minute I snapped a photo of the marble mosaic sidewalk, I knew it was a picture I wanted to do something with. Looking at it on my computer at home, I was surprised to find that the navy blue and red scheme I thought I'd captured was more of an orangey-ochre and sea blue.  Perfect for a boy's room?  I think so!

For a city that was left high and dry over a thousand years ago, it's an awfully watery theme. The blue and red colors are pretty saturated, so the walls could be painted in Whirlpool or Silver Lake to cut the intensity a bit.  

There are SO many cute accessories to be found.  Since this is a scheme that could work for a small boy AND a teenage boy, the big things could be kept (which is good, since some of these things are a little pricey), and the smaller items switched out. 

Your little one will practically be strolling through Ancient Ephesus!

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