Friday, December 7, 2012

Swingin' Seventies Kitchen Remodel, Part V

I'm back.  Kind of.  My beloved MacBook is dead, dead, dead, as the coffee ruined the motherboard. (This whole scene reminds me of that Sex and the City episode where Carrie's computer crashes and she hasn't backed up and Aidan does the ctrl-alt-delete and she gets the 'mean little mac man'.)  I'm sad, and although it's hard to be angry at the dog, I've done a better job of training lately (as in, don't jump up on things to grab used tissues because you think they are COOL and TASTY - ew...)

The kitchen is nearly there - it has been a much longer process than we had expected, but I suppose that happens when you leave the country in the midst of a reno.

Recapping...while we were away, my dad installed the freshly painted cabinets and put on the new hardware.  

The weekend we returned, I went over and Dad and I tiled the backsplash. Since the local HD didn't have 3x6 bullnose tiles, we cut down the 6x6 ones that were in stock. This meant we lost the built-in spacers and had to...improvise.

I have this tendency to get Really Excited about tiling (as I've mentioned before), and have to remind myself not to put up too much thinset, especially in areas where tiling gets slow because of cuts (like below). As it was, we had to re-set a few tiles the next day.

It is amazing how polished the whole thing looks with just a few dollars worth of tiles (I think we spent $40).

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