Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mediterranean Vacation {Bari, Italy}

Leaving Venice, we sailed overnight to the heel and a cute little city called Bari.  Some of the cruise websites we read before leaving the states said that it was kind of a throwaway port, and why didn't Costa stop at one of the beaches further south.  We found Bari charming, and once off the beaten path, soon discovered it had a winding, crowded, graffiti-plastered, southern Italian vibe all its own.

The Via Venezia was worth the walk - even though it was overcast, we had a great view of the harbor and it was nice to see vibrant plants still blooming.
The Basilica de San Nicola is the big draw in Bari - apparently Saint Nicholas himself is buried here.  The church has a strong Byzantine look to it, and the tombs are ornately lit and quite beautiful. 

  Un caffe?  Un Euro.  And sooo, so good.  Suitably fortified, we journeyed on.

 Hanging laundry in Bari seemed to be a strange art.  Open space amongst the crowded buildings was a commodity, and people got extremely creative with where (and what) they aired out.

True Story.

all photos, ours

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