Thursday, October 25, 2012

Shopping With a List - Uniqlo

Over the past several years, whenever I visited my brother in southern Connecticut, I'd coerce him to take the train into the city so I could go to my favorite store in the whole world - Uniqlo.  We would spend hours in the bowels of the Soho store, combing the racks for deals (or, in his case, leaning against the front window, waiting for me to be done).  I still wear a cashmere sweater I bought there a couple years ago at LEAST once a week in the winter. 

Imagine my sheer delight when he emailed me today to say that they are now open ONLINE!  (My husband just shook his head and smirked, "So now we have no money left, right?")

Take a look.  It's pretty great stuff.  And the Orla Kiely line?  Swoon. 

That Peter Pan collar...Stop. IT.

I may have already bought this hoodie.  So cute and fall-ish!

This is the cashmere sweater I mentioned before (I have it in grey). Love, love, love this. 

I'm obsessed with down.  Especially now that the weather is turning cold.

Fair Isle anyone?


Who doesn't love a toggle-coat? In fact, how great would this be in red?  With some camel accessories?  For under $200?  So great.


  1. Cute stuff! I love the hoodie. And camel jacket. Glad you now have an online source for one of your fave places.

  2. Thanks! Me too - it sure beats the 9 hour drive to New York. I am anxious for FedEx to get here with the hoodie!


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