Friday, September 14, 2012

Friendly Friday, 9-14-12

So there have been a lot of NZ and Friendly Friday posts, but not much else!  I'll get on that next week. 

Oliver has been a punk for the past two nights, and while he is still as friendly as can be (he's currently leaning against my leg, waiting to be petted), I am more exhausted than friendly today.  Since summer is officially over up here (it was in the 40's this week), I thought I'd do a little before and after post.  When we got Ollie 5 months ago, he weighed 15 pounds.  Last night on the Wii, he clocked in at 64.  He's going to be HUGE!

Oh well, TGIF!

*Remember when there was that block of TV shows on ABC?  The only ones I remember are Family Matters and Full House - what were the others?  Anybody?

Early May in Acadia

Late August on Schoodic Mountain 

Look at the little puppy face!

 I think he is going to be a horse.  Or at least a pony. 

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