Friday, April 6, 2012

Lovely Things

It's funny, I thought moving back to Maine would cure my shopping habit, as there really aren't that many stores I like around.  I mean, sure, there's a WalMart, Reny's, Marden's (for those non-Maine residents, Reny's and Marden's are the most fabulous discount and salvage stores ever.  I once scored a pair of True Religion jeans at Marden's for $11...), but there isn't a mall within 45 minutes' drive, and it is a major undertaking to get to a JCrew, Anthro, Lululemon, or any of my other old haunts.  I have limited resources at my disposal...I'm not going to drive four hours just to check out the sale bin at Crate and Barrel. 

What I do have is a MacBook and high speed internet - two items which, much to my husband's chagrin, have spawned MUCH online browsing, which invariably leads to online shopping. It's almost as fun to hunt down bargains online as it is live in a boutique. Almost.

Here are my recent purchases:

These from Restoration Hardware...I'm going to try french pleated drapes for the living room.
This from PB - it has a Chiang Mai Dragon effect.  I could only get a queen, though, so I'll have to sew some panels in a coordinating color on the sides to fit our duvet. What do you think?  Blue?  Yellow?

And these are what I'm drooling over this week:

A trio of these
So luxurious for a guest bath
The lighting obsession continues
Any or all of these
These dresses...kill it. And I'm about 8 months too late to buy one.  Maybe this will work...

Happy Weekend!  We're finishing up the bathroom tomorrow, so I'll have a new project for next week!

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  1. Wait... a new project for next week?! As the husband, don't I get more advanced notice than this? Informed via blog post. (I hope the new project involves beer and baseball in some combination that somehow incorporates a couch in the configuration. I can hope.)


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