Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Light up my Life

So here's the thing about lighting.  I never noticed it until I owned a home.  Not that I didn't think some lamps were more stylish than others (I was particularly attached to the large stained-glass fruit bowl chandelier than hung in the kitchen when I was growing up), but I never really considered it as an important design element.

Until I moved into The House of Brass.  Every opportunity they had, these people threw up a shiny brass fixture.  It was blinding.  So...I went to the local home improvement store and looked for a reasonably priced (under $50), reasonable stylish light fixture.  What I found was this:
The dreaded boob light.  It comes in every finish imaginable, and is often priced under $20.  It is just wrong.  So, so very wrong... so what to do?  I need a thrifty fixture.  I hate it when I watch a home improvement show and they show a 'bargain' light fixture for $250.  It's like reading a magazine and seeing the 'cheap and chic' clothes.  Everything is under $100! Hmmm....every piece is under $100.  Show me an entire outfit for that price and then we can talk.  But I digress. Back to lighting.

This is better - kind of a nautical-lighthouse vibe.  What I don't like is that it is still boob-like, and the bulb is visible. Until the local hardware store starts selling aesthetically pleasing CFL or LED bulbs, I need to keep my fixture parts covered.  Clear shades with a big 'ol corkscrew CFL kind of set my teeth on edge.  And while edison bulbs are lovely...I just imagine my meter spinning like a top when I turn them on.

Ok.   I do truly love this one, even though it appears a bit exteriorish.  And a bit pricey, as its from the Pottery Barn.  Maybe on sale?  

A bit better - no boob light in sight, and the shade color is 'opal' which leads me to believe that lit, it would cast a warm, pearly glow.  But the clips bother me.  It looks like a claw or some kind of 3-legged spider is clutching the shade from above.  Every time I walked down the hallway, I'd be afraid it would attack me with its other three legs.

No boobs, no spiders...and sparkles!  I love this...it is a flushmount the aspires to be a chandelier.  It is a bit Downton Abbey-ish for our little brown ranch-in-the-woods, but what can I say...I'm a sucker for sparkle.   And, oddly enough, I don't mind the brass.  It doesn't appear too 1986-shiny in this picture.  I still have the visible bulb issue, though.

This is similar to what we have now.  Functional, no lady parts, no visible bulbs.  Utilitarian.  Boring.  Ugh.

Back on track!  I love the craftsman looks, the marbled shade, the bronze details...but it may be a little much for our tiny hallway...

Aaaand we have a winner!  A little much at over $80, but it fits all my criteria...and it has a slight Deco feel to it.  Plus I love the color of the shade - I feel as though it would make the whole hall warm and glowy, which is especially important on cold mornings in Maine!

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  1. Follow Mike on Twitter and he suggested followers visit your site. Glad I did. Really enjoyed all your posts, especially the New Zealand trip. Always wondered what a visit there would be like...maybe someday down the road. Great pictures - the "comparison" shot of the road signs was my favorite. Wife and I have often considered moving to New England...so looking forward to more posts... since you're already "moved in!"

  2. Thanks! There is much more New Zealand to come. Can't recommend it highly enough - an awe-inspiring country full of friendly people and fantastic food! And New England is always a good idea ;) Of course, I'm partial...


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