Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Champagne taste, beer budget #1

I have recently developed an intense love affair with designer fabric.  Three weeks ago, I didn't even know such fabric existed - I suppose I thought the world was flat, littered with Jo-Ann Fabric stores and odds and ends found at garage sales.  Beyond that...there be dragons.

It was actually a dragon that sparked my interest - I was feeling headachey one weekend, and decided to watch old DVRed episodes of Sarah 101, where I spied this piece of awesomeness.

 Now. The nice thing about Sarah Richardson is that all of her sources are posted on her show's website.  After I saw the amazing headboard she made out of this fabric, I hopped on my trusty MacBook and glided through the wonderful world of Schumacher fabric. I found that this piece of floral-dragon-awesomeness comes in not one, not two, but four colorways. PLUS wallpaper!  I will have a house made out of Chiang Mai Dragon!  I even ordered a remnant of the aquamarine colorway, because I like the slightly more muted tones.
*sigh.  It is even more beautiful and textured and silky linenish in person.  And it is $150 per yard.  I need to find me some Schumacher methadone.  Suggestions?


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